True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I SpeakTo Author Ryan Uytdewilligen About His Book Killing John Wayne: The Making of the Conqueror..Truly One Of the Worst Films Of All Time..Did Film Kill John Wayne??

October 22, 2022

I talk to Ryan Uytdewilligan about his wonderful book Killing John Wayne: The Making Of The Conquerer. 

It's a fascinating read about one of the most horrible films ever made. John Wayne as Gengis Kahn..What was he thinking?? Also about the film location being where nuclear fallout was. Did over 200 + people die of cancer that worked on the  film because of the nukes? Was it more then 200 +?? Did John Wayne get cancer because of that film, or cigarettes, or a combo of both?? Was Howard Hughes an indirect murderer?? Its also very timely because of the Armageddon talk, then the nomageddon the next day?? 

I want to thank Ryan so much for coming on the show. You can get his book anywhere books are sold.


Mostly thanks so much to all who listen. Special thanks to Rachel for info that the podcast wasn't posting all over..

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