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I talk to Author Joseph Egan about his book The Purple Diaries: Mary Astor and the Most Sensational Hollywood Scandal of the 1930s.  It talks of Mary's life and the scandal that she thought would end her career. Mary kept diaries and she let it all out on the pages. She talked about her passionate extramarital  love affair, friends of hers and all sorts of very personal insights. Her ex-husband found them and basically blackmailed Mary to give him custody of her child and monetary gains. When she signed the paper Mary was very ill and horrified her diaries were made public. After seeing his behavior with their daughter Mary took him to court to get full custody of her daughter. His defense was of course her diaries..It was too juicy for people to resist. The courtroom was packed everyday. There were vendors in the hallways selling hot dogs and popcorn. It was a circus. Joe was great and he had insight into Mary via her daughter that he became email pals with. Its a fascinating story. Things I learned from this show, NEVER have a diary, but if you do don't get into your sex life and talking about other people. I'd have been horrified. Good listen. Mary was a gutsy dame. Mary's family gave Joe so many great pictures and info and he shares it with everyone. 

Thanks so much to Joseph Egan for coming on the show and giving us so much great behind the scenes info. He was fun.

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I had the honor, once again to sit and talk with film historian and ex New York Post Film critic Lou Lumenick about the film MISSION TO MOSCOW. I gave Lou his choice on what he wanted to talk about and he chose this film. I had never heard of it. Its got to be seen to be believed. FDR asked personally for Warner Brothers to make the book into a film to help the war effort.It was one a the first of a few propaganda films put out to sweeten Russias image to the American people.  It was directed by Michael Curtiz fresh off his stint of director of Casablanca. The movie was based on a memoir by former Ambassador to Russia Joseph E Davies.You will meet him because he is on smack dab on the screen talking about the movie before the film starts. He was upset they cast Walter Huston because he did not look like him. Guess he had to show us just how much better looking he was. HA!  You will get a neck ache from shaking your head as you watch this film. the Ambassador upon hearing that the Russians were spying on them through listening devices just fluffs it off and says "Let them listen. We have nothing to hide." !!!!!! I have to watch it again because the first time it was like a daze, a bunch of Huhhhhss..See Stalin as warm and fuzzy as a cuddly stuffed bear. Hear FDR do his best imitation of God talking to Moses in The Ten Commandments. Learn Cavier and champagne is for everybody!! There really is so much to talk about with this film. I will link you to two articles Lou wrote on this film. I'm so glad he turned me onto it. We end our chat with a few classic Hollywood tidbits. I had a great time with Lou. He will be on again soon to discuss screwball comedies. YAY!!!
Thanks so much to Lou for being such a fabulous guest.
Thanks to you, the listeners. Lots of great classic movie talk on the calendar. 
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