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I had such a great time talking to Rick Lenz. We discussed his memoir North Of Hollywood:An Actors Stumbling Baby Steps Toward Kindness And Peace.. Its a great read. He talked about his life and all the amazing people he worked with. He talks those Feuding Gabor Sisters and the experiences while doing Arsenic And Old Lace. He has stories on Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Lauren Bacall. He told a very funny one involving Laurens husband at the time Jason Robards. We get some scoops about Jackie Gleason, Richard Boone , Jaqueline Bisset, and so many more. He tells us about his proximity to a future Ax Murderer and playing pool with an unbeknownst to him serial murderer in a leather jacket. He got lots of hate mail for taking The Bionic Woman away from Steve Austin, The Million Dollar Man..He tells us if he is a kinder gentler man that has found peace.  There are too many great stories to recount. Trust me, its a fun listen..

Thanks so much to Rick. You were amazing. I would be very happy having you on again.

Thanks to my pal Jessica Rains for making this show possible..

Mostly thanks to the listeners. Stay tuned. Lots of great stuff coming up..
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What can I say. David was fabulous again. I think this is his best interview. He's honest, funny, adorable and even sings a little. He is also an amazingly classy guy. Not a mean word crosses his lips. No bad stories about celebs he worked with (gotta admit, one would have been fun.) He answers some questions from fans.  "Hi Joan" and makes me realize why I think he is dreamy and the cats meow. Because he IS!!!  I love him and like him. I'm proud he trusted me enough to do these interviews. When he said will leave them wanting more I felt sad. He really is a great guy, not only a cutie pie..

Thank you David for being the greatest and such a great interview. You are the best!!

​Thanks to Sandra Sandavol for letting me use her rendition of Quentins Theme. Its so beautiful..

​Thanks to my friend Joan Prato..

Thanks to you who listen. This is a goody...

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Jessica Rains joins me again and it was fun. She answered questions from her fathers fans from The facebook Claude Rains Fan Group. We talk her recent trip to a North Carolina Film Festival and hitting the disco. She fills me in on her old neighbors when she was a child. James Stuart lived across the street and she tells us what kind of neighbor he was. She talks her fathers friendship with Alfred Hitchcock. I asked if he had any stories on Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant from when they did Notorious. She said no but  she said it wayyy to fast. We talked Cool Whip, movies she has no recollection of being in and Errol Flynn. Its a fun listen and Jessica was adorable and honest.Listen to her tell me "Thats a dumb question" You'd think I'd asked her what kind of tree she would be. HA!!  I love her..You will too..

Thanks so much to Jessica for coming on again. You are the best. PS Thanks for the guests..xoxo

Thanks to everyone for listening. 

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