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May 29th, 2019    

My Friend Leah From The Blog Cary Grant Won’t Eat you and I discuss two classic movie stars that created their personas and lived them…Mae West and Cary Grant…

I talk to my friend Leah Williams from the blog Cary Grant Won't Eat You. We discuss two performers that worked together and changed their personas and lived it. Cary Grant was quoted as saying "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant...I want to be Cary Grant." The little sad boy Archie Leach disappeared into this cool, suave, handsome and incredibly gifted actor. 
Mae was born Mary Jane West in Brooklyn New York. She was in vaudeville and found her persona. The wisecracking dame that wants to know is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. Mae ate, drank, talked, walked Mae West until her death at the age of 87. We talk about a documentary we both saw on her. Mae really believed that she was the tomato with the mostest. When she did the awful Myra Breckinridge, Mae noted that Raquel Welch was pretty and asked one of her muscle men what he personally thought of Mae, he said Raquel was very pretty but couldn't hold a candle to the 77 year old Mae. Mae was very satisfied with his answer. In her last film Sextette Mae was 84 but playing a 27 year old. You gotta love her. Her love interest was Timothy Dalton was 31. 
We also talk Cary's jaunts into the world of LSD. He took many trips and we wonder how he came out unscathed. 

We both love these two wonderful performers. Fun show.

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May 18th, 2019    

I Talk To Lisa Sanita and Dayna DeCarlo About The Book They Got Published Conversations With Cagney: The Early Years. Great stories..They Were So Much Fun! They even met James….

I talked to the wonderful Dayna DeCarlo and Lisa Sanita on their project to get Bill Angelos manuscript made into a book. Bill had access to The Cagney's in their upstate New York home  for six weeks. He was going to write  a movie on James Cagney life. He got amazing interviews from Jimmy and Jimmys seldom heard wife Bill. They did it. They edited, broke it into chapters and its an amazing documentation of Jimmys early life. The book is Conversations with Cagney: The Early Years By Bill Angelos. I think you'll be surprised to hear who Jimmy wanted to star as himself. He talks his early days in vaudeville. Ending up in California. He talks George Raft, Bogie, Edward G Robinson and a bit of gossip about Edward G's wife Gladys. Find out why Bill D became person non grata at James home. It's a fun read. Whats extra great is that they actually met Jimmy. He was as sweet and down to earth as you imagined him to be. I'm proud to be a Cagnerd. Special props to Stone Wallace for his contribution to the book. I love Stone. His book on George Raft is a goodie.

Much thanks to Lisa and Dayna for coming on the show. You can hear their love and admiration for him shining through. I'd love to have them on again. I had a great time talking to them. 

Mostly Thanks to the listeners. You all are great.

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May 5th, 2019    

I talk to ex tabloid reporter Barbara Sternig who gives us the scoop on working for The National Enquirer, and the celebs she met, or just peeped at…Fun Show..

I had author and ex tabloid reporter Barbara Sternig on the show. Let me tell you, you can't be a wuss and work for The Enquirer. Her books are Secrets Of A Tabloid Reporter and Celebrity Secrets Of A National Enquirer Reporter. I read them in a weekend. Easy and fun reads. What celebrity and sex symbol slugged Barbara on set, I wanna Know, Who did Barbara peep at through hole in fence to get her story, she got it. She tells us stories about Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun, Robert Culp, Richard Burton, a very sweet Tammy Wynette and many more. The National Enquirer was very hated, and the reporters were as well. This is before everyone and his mother has a gossip blog or social media. Give a listen. Lots of good scoops..
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