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January 22nd, 2020    

I Speak To Author Robert Matzen about his book Fireball: Carole Lombard And The Mystery Of Flight Three

I talk to Robert Matzen about Carole Lombard and her fatal plane crash. He tells us theories on the flight. How Carole flying or taking the train was chosen by a toss of a coin. She and Clark Gables life up to the crash and Clark after the crash. Is it true the fight they had before she left was about Lana Turner? Carole was the first Hollywood star going on the road to sell war bonds. She sold millions of dollars worth of them. Robert not only talks about the loss of Carole, her mom and Otto, but of all the doomed passengers on flight 3. Certainly not a feel good podcast, but filled with loads of info we never knew. How such a beautiful, vital woman's life was extinguished on the side of a mountain in Nevada


Thanks so much to Robert. He was great.


Mostly thanks to the listeners. I appreciate you all so much. 



Check out Robert at

He has written Mission. Its about Jimmy Stewarts time in WW11 as a flyer and his reentry into Hollywood.

Also The Little Dutch girl about Audrey Hepburn and her time in World War11



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January 12th, 2020    

I talk to Chris Costello and she discusses her father Lou Costello’s life

Chris was great. I loved her book. I loved Chris. She was the baby of the Costello family. She talks about the death by drowning of Lou Costello JR. Who was only 1 year old. Lou had asked Anne to keep the baby up so he could hear his dad on the radio. When he was told he raced home because he could not believe it. Lou went back to the studio to record the show so Lou Jr could hear him in heaven.Lou was never the same after that. She talks how her mother in law and others blamed Sue's mom Anne for the death, She retreated into alcohol as she and Lou could never talk about the death of her child. Anne felt guilty as well but it was not her fault. 

She talks about the partnership of Abbott and Costello. Why they really broke up, and did Lou REALLY pay for Dean Martin's nose job. 

Chris was the person her father waved help  to before his collapse. Sue also found her mother dead on the kitchen floor. She died of an apparent heart attack, nine months after Lou's death also of a heart attack. Chris was only 8 years old. 

Chris is now doing her own podcast and we were going to cross promote but Sue is crazy busy. 

I wanted to ask about Lou wanting to change the teams name to Costello and Abbott and the studio wisely refused. Lou was a very complex man. Generous to a fault. He added so much laughter to the world. 

Thanks so much to Chris

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Thanks so much to Chris She was great..
Mostly thanks to you, the listeners. You are the best.
Chris Costello
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