Classic movies, true stories of tinseltown. All about classic Hollywood.

touched base with my dreamboat David Selby. He was filled with great info. We talked about his one scene in Castle Rock  We talked Falcon Crest and the great classic movie stars  that guested on it. It included Lana Turner, Kim Novak, Gina Lollabrigida, Mel Ferrer, Cesar Romero (he was a humongous gossip), Rod Taylor, Celeste Holm, Cliff Robertson and many more. Of course starring with David was Jane Wyman. We discuss was her hairdo a hair don't. We talk lots of Stuff. He Kindly agreed to talk to his number 1 fan Joan Prado. She was adorable as was David. This is a fast and fun show. Yes, He's so fine..
Thanks so much to my friend David for saying "Hey"
Mostly thanks to the audience for listening..

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