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Author John O'Dowd and I discussed his book on Barbara Payton. What a sad tale. He talked from her childhood, to almost stardom and her tragic last years as a prostitute on Skid Row. We talked about her love/lust triangle with Franchot Tone and Tom Neal. John had the cooperation of Barbara's family, her sister in law that just died last week and Barbaras son John Lee Payton. J.L.P wrote the foreword for the book. My heart broke for him. What a childhood he had. He holds no bitterness towards his mom and remembers many of the good times he had with her. He also had some horrible times as well. Her life was not pretty and she brought it all on herself but you can't help feeling something after you read this book. Its not candy coated.You may feel loathing, anger and hopefully sad for this tragic soul. She had it all and threw it all away. If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it. 

Thanks so much to John O'Dowd. My fingers are crossed that this time a movie will be made about Barbara. HBO should snap it up. It should be three parter as 90 minutes or two hours is not enough to do her story justice. 

Thanks to the listeners. I'm hoping I'm getting some new ones. There are lots of great guests and topics ahead.

As a PS
John wanted me to correct that when the family moved to Odessa Texas John said they bought a trailor court rather then a mobile court. 

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