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 I had a great time speaking to my crush Eddie Muller from TCM'S Noir Alley. He is also the founder and president of The Film Noir Foundation. Eddie was fun, smart and hubba hubba. We talked about dames, the blacklist, cool people he interviewed, noir films, his books and Hitchcock Noir or No. He told me he is not the SELF proclaimed Czar Of Noir, someone else named him that and it stuck. He also talked about meeting Robert Osborne who was my comfort man from TCM, my comfort channel. I learned he named  a character in a story  WANDA...WANDA?? We even  talked high-waters.  I flirted like a tomato and/or dame (bad me) and Eddie was swell throughout. It really is a fun listen.  I loved Eddie, see..You will too. 

I want to thank Eddie for being a swell guy and coming on the show. I could have talked to him for hours. I'm still crushing on him big time..

Most of all thanks to our listeners. We so appreciate you all. Lots of great guests coming up in the new year. Plus New Classic Movie podcast is coming in near future. 

Grace and the missing Donnie

You can see the fabulous Eddie every Sunday at 10:00 AM on TCM'S Noir Alley...also he is spotted every now and then sampling the vino from TCM's wine club. 

All things Eddie at his fun website

Find out about the great things going on at The Film Noir Foundation


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