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I had so much fun talking to author John Dileo about his book Ten Movies At A Time: A 350-Film Journey Through Hollywood And America 1930-1970. We talked almost two hours about the movies and his book and we did not not get even get out of the forties. Thats a lot of movies. I cut into two parts for easier listening. John knows his movies, his reviews are very good. He does not mince words, if he loves you he loves you, if he does not like an actor or movie we know it. Adolphe Menjou and Barbara Stanwyck.?!? It's also a historical telling of the movies that were popular during certain periods of American History. It is a fun book. I loved it. John was a great guest and he will be back on to discuss other books he's written. 
Thanks so much to John for being a trooper and a great guest. I know you'll enjoy him as much as I did. 

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I have lots of great stuff coming up. 

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