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What better day then Valentines Day to post my Dark Shadows crush (my crush in general) David Selby's interview. He was so great. He was charming, funny, honest and a total delight, can you tell I love him..HA!! We talked Dark Shadows and his pals, being married as a sex symbol, the truth behind maniacal laughs and lots more. WE also talked about the movies he did and what is was like working with Barbra Streisand, legendary director George Cukor on the film Rich And Famous and how great Candace Bergan and Jaqueline Bissett were to work with. We got to Falcon Crest and discussed the wonderful Jane Wyman. We also talked about the guest stars that were on the show..Mel Ferrer, Cesar Romero, and a bevy of classic movie goddesses. Kim Novack was a sweetie, his character had an affair with Gina Lolabrigida..OOH LAH LAH...Lana Turner was not Jane Wymans favorite gal, I don't think they ran with the same crowd and lots more. We talked about him being on The Waltons and being the ONLY man other then John Walton to give Livvy a romantic kiss. Check Davids IMDB page if you want to be impressed. He's done so many great things and is still working. Lots of Theatre as well. He talked about how delightful President Obama and Michelle were when he met them. I could have talked to David for hours. I want to do a ten episode podcast titled David Selby Speaks. He is endlessly fascinating and would never be boring..

Thanks so much to David for kindly agreeing to come on our show. Truly if you love him already, you'll love him more. 

Thanks so much to our listeners. We really appreciate you so much.

Donnie and Grace xoxoxo

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I want to thank Sandra Lynn Sandavol for letting me use her rendition of Quentins Theme. Its so beautiful.. 

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