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 I had a great time speaking to my crush Eddie Muller from TCM'S Noir Alley. He is also the founder and president of The Film Noir Foundation. Eddie was fun, smart and hubba hubba. We talked about dames, the blacklist, cool people he interviewed, noir films, his books and Hitchcock Noir or No. He told me he is not the SELF proclaimed Czar Of Noir, someone else named him that and it stuck. He also talked about meeting Robert Osborne who was my comfort man from TCM, my comfort channel. I learned he named  a character in a story  WANDA...WANDA?? We even  talked high-waters.  I flirted like a tomato and/or dame (bad me) and Eddie was swell throughout. It really is a fun listen.  I loved Eddie, see..You will too. 

I want to thank Eddie for being a swell guy and coming on the show. I could have talked to him for hours. I'm still crushing on him big time..

Most of all thanks to our listeners. We so appreciate you all. Lots of great guests coming up in the new year. Plus New Classic Movie podcast is coming in near future. 

Grace and the missing Donnie

You can see the fabulous Eddie every Sunday at 10:00 AM on TCM'S Noir Alley...also he is spotted every now and then sampling the vino from TCM's wine club. 

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Author John O'Dowd and I discussed his book on Barbara Payton. What a sad tale. He talked from her childhood, to almost stardom and her tragic last years as a prostitute on Skid Row. We talked about her love/lust triangle with Franchot Tone and Tom Neal. John had the cooperation of Barbara's family, her sister in law that just died last week and Barbaras son John Lee Payton. J.L.P wrote the foreword for the book. My heart broke for him. What a childhood he had. He holds no bitterness towards his mom and remembers many of the good times he had with her. He also had some horrible times as well. Her life was not pretty and she brought it all on herself but you can't help feeling something after you read this book. Its not candy coated.You may feel loathing, anger and hopefully sad for this tragic soul. She had it all and threw it all away. If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it. 

Thanks so much to John O'Dowd. My fingers are crossed that this time a movie will be made about Barbara. HBO should snap it up. It should be three parter as 90 minutes or two hours is not enough to do her story justice. 

Thanks to the listeners. I'm hoping I'm getting some new ones. There are lots of great guests and topics ahead.

As a PS
John wanted me to correct that when the family moved to Odessa Texas John said they bought a trailor court rather then a mobile court. 

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I talked to Author Patrick C Byrne about his book Double Entendre: The Parallel Lives Of Mae West and Rae Bourbon. I had never heard of Rae Bourbon before Patrick contacted me. He was a fascinating guy, he was a female impersonator and was called The Lenny Bruce of Drag Queens. Rae was pretty outrageous in his day and his performances were raided by police many times. We talk his alleged sex change and his very tragic demise. Get to know Rae, what a character. What can I say about Mae. She was ahead of her time. Wrote a play called Sex and it was raided by the coppers as well. We talk her coming to Hollywood, her love life, her fascination with muscle men and lots more. I remember seeing Mae as a very young girl on some program when she was old Mae. She scared me. The plastic surgery, the hairpieces, the ancient white formal evening dress. Mae was very health conscious but did love her bon bons. We talked her later films, Sextette and Myra Beckingridge and wondered if Mae still thought she was the hot tamale she was in her youth. All in all it was a fun show. Patrick was a great guest. 

Thanks so much to Patrick for coming on the show...Finally.. We had tons of mishaps along the way but it was worth the wait. Patrick was fabu. The book is a great read!

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I will hopefully have my new website up for True Stories Of Tinseltown on Monday. I will also be posting the show Donnie and I did Monday. Lots of editing. EEEK!


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Today is the 2nd part of our interview with former NY Post film critique, Lou Lumenick. We discuss "Feud" and who was team Bette or Team Joan, Deep Thoat the porno film, Who was  shctupping who, Lous article on Gone With the Wind and the way they portrayed the HAPPY slaves  being picked right up by Alt Right website Breitbart and because of that Lou was deluged with threats and death threats he got from White Supremicists. We talked homosexuality in Hollywood and has it changed for leading men of today. We yakked about a lot of great stuff. Please listen. Very fun show. I love Lou. Come back soon!!


Much thanks to Lou for returning so quickly. I could talk to him for hours and hours. He is a joy.

You can see Lou here introducing Dogs Day Afternoon

Also read Lou's foreword he wrote for book about the beautiful crumbling movie palaces.

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Al and I talked to ex NEW YORK POST film critic Lou Lumenick. We talked him being into flicks as a kid. His love of working on programming specials.The first movie his mom ever took him to. He was a guest programmer on TCM, introduced film at TCM Film Festival, met my comfort man Robert Osborne and of course we talked lots of movies. Lou was fun and open and knows everything about movies. Part 2 of Lou will be on next week.


Thanks so much to Lou. He was such a great guy and guest.

Thanks to my pal AL and our lovely producer George.

Mostly thanks to you our listeners. You're the best! Enjoy the listen. If you have any qyuestions for Lou, you can get in touch with me at


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