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I talked to Carole Landis biographer Eric Gans. We talked her life, her husbands, her free attitude towards sex, her career , her traveling all over to entertain the troops during World War 2. Finally we got into her affair with Rex Harrison. She thought he was the ONE and love of her life, only one problem..he was married and had no intention of divorcing his wife. On the last night of her life Carole had dinner with Rex and its believed that Rex told her he was going to be in NYC for a long time doing the Broadway Show Anne Of A Thousand Days. What they spoke about we will never really know. Did he tell her they were over?? What is known is that Carole took enough Seconal to kill herself four times over. She left notes. One for mom and one for Rex. Rex was the first one to discover Caroles body sadly laid out in her bathroom. She was clutching rosary beads and the notes. Some cops got a hold of the note for Rex and Rex and his wife paid 500 dollars for it. Its a sad story of a very beautiful woman with many demons. 

Thanks so much to Eric. He was fabulous.. Check out his book

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I had such a great time talking to Rick Lenz. We discussed his memoir North Of Hollywood:An Actors Stumbling Baby Steps Toward Kindness And Peace.. Its a great read. He talked about his life and all the amazing people he worked with. He talks those Feuding Gabor Sisters and the experiences while doing Arsenic And Old Lace. He has stories on Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Lauren Bacall. He told a very funny one involving Laurens husband at the time Jason Robards. We get some scoops about Jackie Gleason, Richard Boone , Jaqueline Bisset, and so many more. He tells us about his proximity to a future Ax Murderer and playing pool with an unbeknownst to him serial murderer in a leather jacket. He got lots of hate mail for taking The Bionic Woman away from Steve Austin, The Million Dollar Man..He tells us if he is a kinder gentler man that has found peace.  There are too many great stories to recount. Trust me, its a fun listen..

Thanks so much to Rick. You were amazing. I would be very happy having you on again.

Thanks to my pal Jessica Rains for making this show possible..

Mostly thanks to the listeners. Stay tuned. Lots of great stuff coming up..
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What can I say. David was fabulous again. I think this is his best interview. He's honest, funny, adorable and even sings a little. He is also an amazingly classy guy. Not a mean word crosses his lips. No bad stories about celebs he worked with (gotta admit, one would have been fun.) He answers some questions from fans.  "Hi Joan" and makes me realize why I think he is dreamy and the cats meow. Because he IS!!!  I love him and like him. I'm proud he trusted me enough to do these interviews. When he said will leave them wanting more I felt sad. He really is a great guy, not only a cutie pie..

Thank you David for being the greatest and such a great interview. You are the best!!

​Thanks to Sandra Sandavol for letting me use her rendition of Quentins Theme. Its so beautiful..

​Thanks to my friend Joan Prato..

Thanks to you who listen. This is a goody...

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Jessica Rains joins me again and it was fun. She answered questions from her fathers fans from The facebook Claude Rains Fan Group. We talk her recent trip to a North Carolina Film Festival and hitting the disco. She fills me in on her old neighbors when she was a child. James Stuart lived across the street and she tells us what kind of neighbor he was. She talks her fathers friendship with Alfred Hitchcock. I asked if he had any stories on Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant from when they did Notorious. She said no but  she said it wayyy to fast. We talked Cool Whip, movies she has no recollection of being in and Errol Flynn. Its a fun listen and Jessica was adorable and honest.Listen to her tell me "Thats a dumb question" You'd think I'd asked her what kind of tree she would be. HA!!  I love her..You will too..

Thanks so much to Jessica for coming on again. You are the best. PS Thanks for the guests..xoxo

Thanks to everyone for listening. 

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I was honored to interview my Dark Shadows crush, actually my all around crush, David Selby again. I had him to myself, no sharing with Donnie. We talked Dark Shadows, stalking Kathryn Hepburn, movies. We also talked about what he and Don Knotts (AKA Barney Fife) had in common. What someone said when they saw him teaching. I asked about his advice for having a long lasting marriage with his lovely wife Chip. We talked about so many different things. Hopefully David and I will do a few more. He is endlessly interesting and it would be a labor of love for his many loyal fans. He is a treasure trove of information. He is just simply a treasure. Not only is he incredibly handsome whether as Quentin or with his beautiful head of silver hair, he is a good person. I feel very blessed speaking to him. I've named myself The David Selby Historian.. HA!
I want to thank  Michele Tsai, Wally Helvy and Sandra Lynn Sandoval for some questions they wanted me to ask David. Sandra can be heard playing Quentins theme before and after podcast. Also thanks to Joan Prato. 

Mostly thanks to David Selby for being such a great guy and doing the show again. He really is the sweetest man. I am so looking forward to talking to him again. He is a doll. 
I want to share something David wrote to me on Easter.


"Grace, Bless you, and your listeners....bless the fans- they gave me a life."

Bless you DAVID for bringing much joy into our lives!

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What better day then Valentines Day to post my Dark Shadows crush (my crush in general) David Selby's interview. He was so great. He was charming, funny, honest and a total delight, can you tell I love him..HA!! We talked Dark Shadows and his pals, being married as a sex symbol, the truth behind maniacal laughs and lots more. WE also talked about the movies he did and what is was like working with Barbra Streisand, legendary director George Cukor on the film Rich And Famous and how great Candace Bergan and Jaqueline Bissett were to work with. We got to Falcon Crest and discussed the wonderful Jane Wyman. We also talked about the guest stars that were on the show..Mel Ferrer, Cesar Romero, and a bevy of classic movie goddesses. Kim Novack was a sweetie, his character had an affair with Gina Lolabrigida..OOH LAH LAH...Lana Turner was not Jane Wymans favorite gal, I don't think they ran with the same crowd and lots more. We talked about him being on The Waltons and being the ONLY man other then John Walton to give Livvy a romantic kiss. Check Davids IMDB page if you want to be impressed. He's done so many great things and is still working. Lots of Theatre as well. He talked about how delightful President Obama and Michelle were when he met them. I could have talked to David for hours. I want to do a ten episode podcast titled David Selby Speaks. He is endlessly fascinating and would never be boring..

Thanks so much to David for kindly agreeing to come on our show. Truly if you love him already, you'll love him more. 

Thanks so much to our listeners. We really appreciate you so much.

Donnie and Grace xoxoxo

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I want to thank Sandra Lynn Sandavol for letting me use her rendition of Quentins Theme. Its so beautiful.. 


I talk to Author Joseph Egan about his book The Purple Diaries: Mary Astor and the Most Sensational Hollywood Scandal of the 1930s.  It talks of Mary's life and the scandal that she thought would end her career. Mary kept diaries and she let it all out on the pages. She talked about her passionate extramarital  love affair, friends of hers and all sorts of very personal insights. Her ex-husband found them and basically blackmailed Mary to give him custody of her child and monetary gains. When she signed the paper Mary was very ill and horrified her diaries were made public. After seeing his behavior with their daughter Mary took him to court to get full custody of her daughter. His defense was of course her diaries..It was too juicy for people to resist. The courtroom was packed everyday. There were vendors in the hallways selling hot dogs and popcorn. It was a circus. Joe was great and he had insight into Mary via her daughter that he became email pals with. Its a fascinating story. Things I learned from this show, NEVER have a diary, but if you do don't get into your sex life and talking about other people. I'd have been horrified. Good listen. Mary was a gutsy dame. Mary's family gave Joe so many great pictures and info and he shares it with everyone. 

Thanks so much to Joseph Egan for coming on the show and giving us so much great behind the scenes info. He was fun.

Thanks so much for listening!!

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I had the honor, once again to sit and talk with film historian and ex New York Post Film critic Lou Lumenick about the film MISSION TO MOSCOW. I gave Lou his choice on what he wanted to talk about and he chose this film. I had never heard of it. Its got to be seen to be believed. FDR asked personally for Warner Brothers to make the book into a film to help the war effort.It was one a the first of a few propaganda films put out to sweeten Russias image to the American people.  It was directed by Michael Curtiz fresh off his stint of director of Casablanca. The movie was based on a memoir by former Ambassador to Russia Joseph E Davies.You will meet him because he is on smack dab on the screen talking about the movie before the film starts. He was upset they cast Walter Huston because he did not look like him. Guess he had to show us just how much better looking he was. HA!  You will get a neck ache from shaking your head as you watch this film. the Ambassador upon hearing that the Russians were spying on them through listening devices just fluffs it off and says "Let them listen. We have nothing to hide." !!!!!! I have to watch it again because the first time it was like a daze, a bunch of Huhhhhss..See Stalin as warm and fuzzy as a cuddly stuffed bear. Hear FDR do his best imitation of God talking to Moses in The Ten Commandments. Learn Cavier and champagne is for everybody!! There really is so much to talk about with this film. I will link you to two articles Lou wrote on this film. I'm so glad he turned me onto it. We end our chat with a few classic Hollywood tidbits. I had a great time with Lou. He will be on again soon to discuss screwball comedies. YAY!!!
Thanks so much to Lou for being such a fabulous guest.
Thanks to you, the listeners. Lots of great classic movie talk on the calendar. 
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I had fun talking to Author Michael Druxman, We talked about so many things. He has authored numerous books and three act plays on true Hollywood stories and people. Michael was also a publicist to the stars. He is written about in a book about the Oscars because of his amazing campaign to get a song  nominated for best song. He talks of lots of Hollywood Scoops, what was on Barbara Paytons ceiling? We talked his three act three person play about Barbara Payton, Tom Neal and Franchot Tone. His latest is on Ida Lupino whom he met more then a few times. The story about Kate Smith versus Dinah Shore is a good one. It was a fun chat. 
Thanks so much to Michael for being a wonderful guest.
Mostly thanks to the listeners. Lots of fun guests coming up.

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I talked to Jessica Rains, she is the daughter of one my fave actors.Claude Rains. She was a joy. We talked about being the daughter of an actor/farmer. How Claude brought his wife and baby Jessica to the set to ease Bette Davis's ardor. We talked her interesting run in with Joan Crawford at Christinas Birthday Party. Jessica never went back! She told us about her farmer dad, her two stepmoms, how her dad felt about her going into acting. One of the funniest stories is Jessica going to a website devoted to her father with people talking about having sex with him. It grossed her out. Who could blame her. We hear about her trips to Morocco and Key West for the annual Humphrey Bogart fest hosted by his son Steven. Much fun was had by all. Ironically I had just watched a movie on youtube before Jessica came on, not knowing she was in the film. Its called Scream Pretty Peggy. Bette Davis was in the film but they never saw each other. I highly recommend it. Its a hoot!! Check to Jessicas eyeballing scene right in the beginning of the film. She's the office worker helping the college kids with getting jobs. Its an Emmy performance! We chatted for an hour and I had a fabulous time. Jessica is a doll. You'll love her too.

Jessica comes on at the 3:52 mark. Very cute..

I want to thank Jessica for coming on. She is really a wonderful woman. I had a lot of fun. I'm having a rolly made for her for best eye rolls in a seventies television movie!! Bravo Jessica!!

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I have some good shows coming up..