Classic movies, true stories of tinseltown. All about classic Hollywood.

I had fun talking to Author Michael Druxman, We talked about so many things. He has authored numerous books and three act plays on true Hollywood stories and people. Michael was also a publicist to the stars. He is written about in a book about the Oscars because of his amazing campaign to get a song  nominated for best song. He talks of lots of Hollywood Scoops, what was on Barbara Paytons ceiling? We talked his three act three person play about Barbara Payton, Tom Neal and Franchot Tone. His latest is on Ida Lupino whom he met more then a few times. The story about Kate Smith versus Dinah Shore is a good one. It was a fun chat. 
Thanks so much to Michael for being a wonderful guest.
Mostly thanks to the listeners. Lots of fun guests coming up.

You can find out more about Michael and his many books here.

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