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I talked to Carole Landis biographer Eric Gans. We talked her life, her husbands, her free attitude towards sex, her career , her traveling all over to entertain the troops during World War 2. Finally we got into her affair with Rex Harrison. She thought he was the ONE and love of her life, only one problem..he was married and had no intention of divorcing his wife. On the last night of her life Carole had dinner with Rex and its believed that Rex told her he was going to be in NYC for a long time doing the Broadway Show Anne Of A Thousand Days. What they spoke about we will never really know. Did he tell her they were over?? What is known is that Carole took enough Seconal to kill herself four times over. She left notes. One for mom and one for Rex. Rex was the first one to discover Caroles body sadly laid out in her bathroom. She was clutching rosary beads and the notes. Some cops got a hold of the note for Rex and Rex and his wife paid 500 dollars for it. Its a sad story of a very beautiful woman with many demons. 

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