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I talked to Stephen Michael Shearer about his biography on Hedy Lamarr titled Beautiful: The Life Of Hedy Lamarr. Its a really good read. I usually skip a page here and there but I didn't with this book. I was fascinated by her childhood, her life in Vienna, her marriage to the third richest man in Vienna and her story of her escape from him and Vienna. We talked Hedy's six marriages. None lasting or happy. Her incredible inventions and her movie career. They really did not know what to do with her. 

Of course being so beautiful and aging were weighing large in her mind. People would meet her and say" You WERE so beautiful. She soon took to getting extensive plastic surgery that was not at all flattering. She also started seeing Dr Feelgood for his amazing B vitamin shots (actually meth) She started acting erratically. She shoplifted, and then she moved to Florida and became a recluse, not even letting her children see her. In 1997 she was finally lauded for her inventions. She never got a penny from them. 

This is a very extensive look into Hedy's life. You can also see Stephen on the new Hedy Movie Bombshell. Its available on Netflix. 

I want to thank Stephen for being such a great guest. I'm looking forward to talking g to him about other women he wrote about; Gloria Swanson and his friend Patricia Neal. 

Thanks to the listeners. You are the best..

Stephen Michael Shearer

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