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I talked to Jessica Rains, she is the daughter of one my fave actors.Claude Rains. She was a joy. We talked about being the daughter of an actor/farmer. How Claude brought his wife and baby Jessica to the set to ease Bette Davis's ardor. We talked her interesting run in with Joan Crawford at Christinas Birthday Party. Jessica never went back! She told us about her farmer dad, her two stepmoms, how her dad felt about her going into acting. One of the funniest stories is Jessica going to a website devoted to her father with people talking about having sex with him. It grossed her out. Who could blame her. We hear about her trips to Morocco and Key West for the annual Humphrey Bogart fest hosted by his son Steven. Much fun was had by all. Ironically I had just watched a movie on youtube before Jessica came on, not knowing she was in the film. Its called Scream Pretty Peggy. Bette Davis was in the film but they never saw each other. I highly recommend it. Its a hoot!! Check to Jessicas eyeballing scene right in the beginning of the film. She's the office worker helping the college kids with getting jobs. Its an Emmy performance! We chatted for an hour and I had a fabulous time. Jessica is a doll. You'll love her too.

Jessica comes on at the 3:52 mark. Very cute..

I want to thank Jessica for coming on. She is really a wonderful woman. I had a lot of fun. I'm having a rolly made for her for best eye rolls in a seventies television movie!! Bravo Jessica!!

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I have some good shows coming up..

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