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I had a great time talking to Leah Williams from the blog Cary Grant Won't EAT YOU.. I love that title. I had read a post she did on Villain Steven Dallas from Stella Dallas. It was a great read and made me want to punch Stevie baby even more. We also talk about Brief Encounter and ask is Dr Alec a sincere sensitive guy or a shyster that has done this kind of thing regularly, the old, my friend lets me use his bachelor pad ploy. Then we move onto Blue Gardenia starring Ann Baxter. Its a fun flick with Raymond Burr playing a lecherous artist. She gets dumped by her soldier boy and ends up at dinner with that swinger Raymond and gets very drunk, much to Raymonds delight. He brings her back to his bachelor pad and tries to make advances on poor Ann. Ann being drunk....but not that drunk....Fights off the brute and here comes the fireplace poker. She is the opposite of cool as a cucumber. Ann Sothern and Richard Conti also star. Theres a funny scene when Richard tosses his little black book to his friend since he won''t need it anymore. Then onto the adorably suave, cool, and very funny William Powell. We both find him to be incredibly dreamy. I'm swooning now. 
Thanks so much to Leah for being my guest. It was her first podcast and she was great!! She'll be back.
Mostly thanks to the listeners. You are the best.

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