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I was so happy to have my friend Alex Hunter on my show again to see whats been going on in her life. Alex wrote the incredible book..Joi Lansing; A Body To Die For.  A LOVE Story. if you have not read this book I highly recommend it. Alex has a way of making the reader feel like we are living this with her. Its great

We talked some exciting stuff. Alex was invited by a high school to give a lecture to senior students on her book. They loved her. The school is buying six hundred books to be on their curriculum. YAY ALEX! One school down, more to go. We talked her appearances on TV and radio and I pondered if she had gone show biz on me. We discussed the recent death of Tab Hunter and the movie being made about his affair with Anthony Perkins. They would pick up dates/beards and double date but at the end of the night Tab and Tony went off their own as did their dates. I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. I thought that Joi and Alex story can come at it from two women in love and closeted in the age of flower children and free love. It was NOT THAT free.  you would still be ruined if they found out someone was gay.. I asked how Joy feltt about the big change in films and the 50's and sixty bombshells were not being cast. You had Faye Dunaway, Jane Fonda etc.. She noticed and was very distressed. I asked Alex if she thought it had changed much since classic Hollywood to the fifties to today. She thinks its better but no one should be forced out of closet. 

She told me her recent fan shows she's been too. One was in LA and she had a blast. The other one was as Jois partner to celebrate superman. Joi played the man of steels wife. WHO KNEW!! Alex had a great time. I asked her for some juice. She provided. All of a sudden Diva Joan Cllins comes into the room by her space, where she is not pleased to see Bombshell Loni Anderson was in the booth next to her. Queen Joan would have none of that and after some choice words they took Joan away from Lana and she was the entrance not closely to anyone. Once a diva, always a diva. 

I really loved having Alex on. She is always fun.Plus she's my pal. Lets get her movie made!!

Thanks to Alex Hunter. Who loves ya baby!!

Thanks so much for tuning in.

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