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I talked to Steve, a true lover of Classic movies. It was just two huge classic movie buffs yakking away. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Steve knows his Kay Francis, who I also really love and we talked her movies. Some obscure but always worth a watch to see what fabulous frock Kay would be in. WE chatted a bit about a four time co star of Kays, Ricardo Cortez. Ricardo, real name Jacob Krantz was born in NYC to Austrian immigrants. Ricardo is Steves fave creep of precodes. Mine is Warren William. We also talked Steves top ten of his favorite actresses and bet me mine would not be the same. He was right. We had a couple of the same faves, he had one actress I had never heard of. All in all it was a fun chat with a fellow fan.

Thanks so much to Steve for coming on the show. I felt like we were old pals. I met him on my facebook page I am so happy to have him as a contributor. He always has some fascinating tidbit I never heard of. You can find him there and say hey.. He will also be back on the show. I loved him..

Thanks to the listeners. Classic movie fans are so great and a wonderful community.

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I'm so excited donnie and I took time off for the summer and our first guest will be Ed Asner!!. I love that guy..

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As a PS
If you are a super duper classic movie fan and know your stuff on a particular genre, actor or actress I'd love to have you on the show. Just message me on my facebook page. I'm thinking of doing a fans turn once a month. Its lots of fun.

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