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Leah Williams from the fabulous blog Cary Grant Won't eat you and facebook site of the same name joins me again to discuss women who love too much in Classic Movies. There are SOOOOOO many but we each got to choose three. We had to be sure the other had watched them. It was so hard to choose only three and which three but we did it. We talk roles by Gene Tierney, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Irene Dunne and Rita Hayworth. It was lots of fun. I want to do another women who love to much and a men who love too much in classic films. There are lots of guys that have been mezmerized by screen dames that are not exactly women you bring home to mother. See if you agree with our choices..

Thanks so much to Leah. She is a very busy woman but she found th time to join me again. 

Thanks to listeners. So appreciate it,,



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Thanks mucho!! Lots of fun guests coming up...



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