Lou Part 2 Lou Lumenick ex New York post Movie reviewer is Back with more great stories!

Today is the 2nd part of our interview with former NY Post film critique, Lou Lumenick. We discuss "Feud" and who was team Bette or Team Joan, Deep Thoat the porno film, Who was  shctupping who, Lous article on Gone With the Wind and the way they portrayed the HAPPY slaves  being picked right up by Alt Right website Breitbart and because of that Lou was deluged with threats and death threats he got from White Supremicists. We talked homosexuality in Hollywood and has it changed for leading men of today. We yakked about a lot of great stuff. Please listen. Very fun show. I love Lou. Come back soon!!


Much thanks to Lou for returning so quickly. I could talk to him for hours and hours. He is a joy.

You can see Lou here introducing Dogs Day Afternoon

Also read Lou's foreword he wrote for book about the beautiful crumbling movie palaces.

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