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When I first talked to Alexis Hunter I could not place who Joi Lansing was..Then I went to IMDB and was AH HAA!!! She was in movies and lots of TV. I personally remember her in Marriage Go Round starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I also remembered seeing her on The Beverly Hillbillies playing Gladys Platt. She did so much more. She was a gorgeous blonde bombshell. Alex wrote her book Joi Lansing...A Body To Die For..A Love Story. What a book. I highly recommend it. Its about the last three years of Jois life. Alex and Joi were inseparable. It has laughs, great stories, Jois despair at growing older and getting no more parts and ultimately tragedy as Joi lost her life at age 43 of cancer. Alex was with her through it all. Because being in a lesbian relationship would have been a career ender for Joi, they called Alex  Rachel and she was introduced as Jois kid sister. You can buy the book at Just check out her reviews. ALL FIVE STARS. We also talked how it should be a movie and who Alex thought should play them. Alex is a fantastic woman and I now proudly call her my friend. This is a really good interview. Alex was honest and very warm and funny. 

I want to thank Alex for being on my show and being my friend. 

Mostly thanks to the listeners. There are so many great shows I have lined up. 

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