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I speak to Author Stone Wallace about his great biography of George Raft- The Man That Would Be Bogart. I was not the biggest George Raft fan but I thought he was fascinating. After reading his bookI felt I knew George and liked him a lot. He was a complex man. He was sensitive, insecure and one hell of a dancer. We talk his hardscrabble upbringing in Hells Kitchen. How he got into dancing. When and how he got into movies. The broads and dames he loved and lost. I truly felt sad for George. His hanging with gangsters made his life harder then need be. My armchair shrink thinks he wanted away from these guys but was afraid of what they might do. We talk it all. 

Thanks so much to Stone Wallace for coming on the show.

Thanks so much to the listeners. Even if you don't really care about George Raft I think you would like learning about him.
Thanks tons,


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