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Steve and I talk TCM's book on Thirty Christmas Movies You should watch. We talk most of them. Some are HUH??


Thanks to Steve for being my guest.

Thanks to TCM for putting out the book

Mostly thanks to the listeners. Lots of great guests lined up for next year.

I wish you all a merry Christmas, happy Holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2019!! YIKES!! 2019!!


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I had a great time talking movies with my friend Leah who has the fabulous blog, Cary Grant Won't Eat You.. We talked obsessive love. Poor Edward G Robinson in Scarlet Street. Claude Rains obsessive and blinded by love feelings for Alicia played by Ingrid Bergman. Cary Grant was not very nice to Ingrid until the end of the movie.We also talked Suspicion and Lina's obsession with Johnny. Did Johnny kill the wonderful Beeky, and why did he need an untraceable poison if he was going to kill himself. We talk the book and the changes they made for the movie that Alfred Hitchcock was not happy with. One tidbit in the book is that Cary/Johnny had a fling with the maid Ethel. Maybe that's why she got the fox fur stole and Beeky only got a walking stick. We also discuss the ending that was a huh?? WE then got into another Hitchcock film talking about Mrs Danvers incredibly unhealthy obsession with the late Mrs de Winter also known as Rebecca. Who can forget her creepily showing the new Mrs de Winter Rebeccas see through lingerie. Maxim was not very nice to wife number 2 with no name. It looks like he eventually stops being a pompous poop at the end.. It was a fast moving fun show

Thanks to Leah for once again being a great guest.

Thanks for listening. I have some really great shows coming up. I really appreciate you all so much.


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This is my Halloween Special podcast..I have on Author Gregory William Mank who wrote so many wonderful books on classic horror films. He has also written biographies as well. His upcoming book will be on Dr Frankenstein himself, Colin Clive. 
I had such a great time talking to Greg. He has met people from the classic horror genre and written some great books. We talked Boris Karloff and what a sweetie he was. Also what bothered him so much in Frankenstein that he regretted his entire life. We talk Bela Lugosi and his charming Dracula, Cat People, The Black Cat and so much more. Then he gives us his choices for a fun Halloween (or anytime) viewing..
Thanks so much to Greg for being such a great guest..He is welcome back anytime. He has written a number of wonderful books and will be releasing a biography on Dr Frankenstein himself, Colin Clive..
Thanks to my listeners. I really appreciate you giving a listen..
Gregory William Mank

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Part 2

This part is pretty much devoted to Aunt Dotties very long friendship to Judy Garland. Very interesting stuff. Meredith meets Gail Patrick, Gypsy Rose Leigh, Joan Blondell, and many more folks. Sad story at the end. Take a trip back to the days of classic Hollywood..

Thanks again to Meredith. She was wonderful and fun. 

Thanks to Dorothy Ponedel for starting to write her memoirs. 

Thanks to the listeners I appreciate you so much.



Any documentary filmmakers out there? Dots story would be such a great film..

The book

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I had such a fabulous time talking to Meredith Ponedel about her Aunt Dorothy Ponedel. Dorothy was the first female makeup artists under contract  at a Hollywood Studio. She became friends with many of her clients. Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard ,Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Blondell, Paulette Goddard, Gary Cooper. There are so many wonderful stories. Her aunt started writing her memoir but never finished. Meredith did a fabulous job of putting it all together. Meredith describes her life with Aunt Dottie and her own thoughts on the stars she met personally. there is  part 2 about the friendship between Dottie and Judy Garland..I got a huge scoop I had never heard before and learned a new meaning for the word yummy. This is an interview for any classic movie fan. So much behind the scenes info. Meredith takes us back into the land of Classic Hollywood. 

Any documentary filmmakers Dottie is a story to be told..

Thanks so much for Meredith getting up 6 AM to do this interview.  You were so fabulous and funny..
Thanks to all the listeners. I know you enjoy Meredith as much as I did. 

Merediths wonderful book

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Part two of my yak fest with my pal Steve. 

My pal and very knowledgable classic movie fan Steve Smith joined me to talk A Star Is Born in every incarnation going all the way back to what is sometimes called the first Star is Born. What Price Hollywood. The main characters are best friends. He's a washed up director and he makes her a star. She's known as Americas Pal. Of course theres tragedy as there is for all the Star IS Borns. We talk Bradley Cooper (Hubba Hubba) and Lady Gaga version as well.

Then we talk some precode giving props to Danny at He has a list of all precodes and some amazing reviews. 

We had so much fun yakking we went over 90 minutes. We decided to make it two parts. So today is part 1. We hope you enjoy. 

Thanks so much to my pal Steve, you can catch him posting away at  He will be on again soon. I will post part 2 tomorrow.

Thanks to the listeners and all you great folks that post on the page. You are the best. Stay tuned for some great guests with some great behind the scenes stuff. 



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touched base with my dreamboat David Selby. He was filled with great info. We talked about his one scene in Castle Rock  We talked Falcon Crest and the great classic movie stars  that guested on it. It included Lana Turner, Kim Novak, Gina Lollabrigida, Mel Ferrer, Cesar Romero (he was a humongous gossip), Rod Taylor, Celeste Holm, Cliff Robertson and many more. Of course starring with David was Jane Wyman. We discuss was her hairdo a hair don't. We talk lots of Stuff. He Kindly agreed to talk to his number 1 fan Joan Prado. She was adorable as was David. This is a fast and fun show. Yes, He's so fine..
Thanks so much to my friend David for saying "Hey"
Mostly thanks to the audience for listening..

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Part 2 of my interview with author John Dileo. 

I had so much fun talking to author John Dileo about his book Ten Movies At A Time: A 350-Film Journey Through Hollywood And America 1930-1970. We talked almost two hours about the movies and his book and we did not not get even get out of the forties. Thats a lot of movies. I cut into two parts for easier listening. John knows his movies, his reviews are very good. He does not mince words, if he loves you he loves you, if he does not like an actor or movie we know it. Adolphe Menjou and Barbara Stanwyck.?!? It's also a historical telling of the movies that were popular during certain periods of American History. It is a fun book. I loved it. John was a great guest and he will be back on to discuss other books he's written. 
Thanks so much to John for being a trooper and a great guest. I know you'll enjoy him as much as I did. 

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I have lots of great stuff coming up. 

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